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 Shiny Pokemon

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PostSubject: Shiny Pokemon   Mon May 26, 2014 1:28 pm

Did you know you can catch a Shiny Pokemon in the original Crystal version? Shiny Pokemons are much stronger than normal ones. But your chances of encountering a Shiny are very slim - the rate of running into a Shiny in the wild is 1/8192. Here are some locations that most people have caught a Shiny:

*Butterfree, shiny: You can get Pink Butterfree by headbutting trees in Ilex Forest, Lake of Rage or in search the grass north of Cerulean City.
*Caterpie, shiny: You can find a red Caterpie in the Ilex Forest near the entrance.
*Chinchou, shiny: Use the Super Rod on Route 27.
*Dratini, shiny: A shiny Dratini can be found in Dragon's Den.
*Drowzee, shiny: You can catch a purple Drowzee on Route 34.
*Exeggcute, shiny: Head butt trees on Route 23. It should be green.
*Electabuzz, shiny: You can catch a shiny Electabuzz near the power plant. It is better to catch it at night.
*Geodude, shiny: You can catch a shiny Geodude in Mt Moon.
*Gligar, shiny: The shiny Gligar only appears at night at the place below Blackthorn City.
*Golbat, shiny: One can be found inside Mt. Silver on the second floor. It should be either green, bright blue, or yellow.
*Graveler, shiny: One can be found on the route directly south of Blackthorn City. It should be red.
*Growlithe, shiny: You can find a shiny Growlithe on Route 35, where bug catcher Arnie is located. It is usually gold.
*Hoothoot, shiny: On Route 30, just below Mr. Pokemon's house, is a level 4, male albino Hoothoot. The chances of finding it are quite slim, but worth the effort.
*Kakuna, shiny: You can find a blue Kakuna in Ilex Forest.
Koffing, shiny: You can find a blue Koffing in Burnt Tower
*Magikarp, shiny: Catch the shiny Gyrados at the Lake Of Rage. Then, catch another Gyrados. Breed both Gyrados. The egg may hatch into a shiny Magikarp, but the odds of this happening are low.
*Mareep, shiny:You can find a shiny Mareep on Route 32.
*Meowth, shiny: Go just east of Celadon City and look in the small patch of grass at night.
*Nidoran (male), shiny: There is a chance you can find a shiny Nidoran (male) in the National Park in Goldenrod City.
*Pidgey, shiny: You can find a Golden Pidgey on Route 2
Poliwhirl, shiny: A shiny, light blue Poliwhirl can be found at the Mt. Silver area, just below the Pokemon Center.
*Psyduck, shiny: You can catch a shinyPsyduck above Saffron
City in the water to the bottom left.
*Raticate, shiny: A shiny Raticate appears on Route 38 on Sunday at 9:52.
*Rattata, shiny: This Pokemon can be found at night on Route 34. It is stronger than a normal Rattata, but it starts off at level 11.
*Rhyhorn, shiny: You can find a red Rhyhorn on Victory Road which is stronger than the normal version.
*Seaking, shiny: A shiny Seaking can be found at Tohjo Falls.
*Smoochum, shiny: When you get an egg from the Daycare Center, you have a chance at it being a Smoochum. If it is a Smoochum, it has a 50% chance at being shiny.
*Slowbro, shiny: A shiny Slowbro can be found at Tohjo Falls
*Spearow, shiny: Headbutt the trees in Route 29.
*Stantler, shiny: You can catch a shinyStantler below Ecruteak
*Tangela, shiny: A level 35, yellowish-green shiny Tangela can be found by surfing to the grassy area just below Pallet Town. Note: You must search the area at night.
*Venomoth, shiny: A blue Venomoth can be found in Route 12.
*Wooper, shiny: Go to the Ruins of Alph between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. You may find a shiny Wooper above the Aerodactyl puzzle (outside the puzzle in the water).
*Zubat, shiny: Go to Whirl Islands and search around. When you least expect it, a shiny Zubat will appear. This Zubat will keep evolving until itis a pinkish Crobat. It is very strong.

There are many more, if you have caught a Shiny feel free to share your picture in this thread and show your rare Shiny to the world. In the picture make sure it shows your name by throwing a Pokeball at the Shiny.
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PostSubject: Re: Shiny Pokemon   Tue May 27, 2014 4:33 pm

Shiny Pidgey In Pokemon Gold

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Shiny Pokemon
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