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 Pokemon: Red Frost By Vicktor Black

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PostSubject: Pokemon: Red Frost By Vicktor Black   Sun Jan 05, 2014 2:33 pm

Hello everyone the name is Vicktor Black and I bring to you this hack of mine
this hack was just one of the many ideas I had and this one was at the top of that list, now enough of me rambling lets get going into the hacks info

Hack Name: Pokemon Red Frost
Hack of: Pokemon Firered (BPRE)

Wanting to keep his kingdom from fading away, The King of the ice kingdom looked for way to do so as he read books from his personal library he stumbled upon that ice can preserve things in its cold embrace, after his discovery of this he went through book after book to learn of how to control the power of ice so that he can incase his kingdom in a never ending winter, He found that to gain the power that he so desired he had to become a lich so that he could gain his icy kingdom and rule it forever, and within his library he found a book bound in black leather that explained the ritual to become a lich using the ritual in the book he became a lich and with his new form he gave himself a new name Red Frost and from then on using his power he inceased his kingdom in ice, but unsatisfied with just his kingdom Red Frost went to cover the whole world in ice so that he could have it all.

You are the hero/heroine and this is the day that you start your journey as a pokemon trainer, but before you get up everything is changed and a voice beckons you to go outside and when you do, you see before you a pokemon as she tells you of why you have been brought to this land she suddenly disappears leaving you stuck within this snow covered land and your only clue to leave this land and get home is to see the professor.

-New region
-Different starters
-Two rivals instead of one
-Few pokemon from the forth and fifth gen


Neti, dshayabusa, Fangking Omega as they made the tiles
Jpan for his Clean firered patch
Wichu for his advanced series tools
Choas rush for the use of his sprites
and anyone that has made a tutorial

Wichu's Advanced series

Current download
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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon: Red Frost By Vicktor Black   Mon Jan 06, 2014 2:39 pm

Screen Shots are awesome i wan't to play this Please Patch it
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Pokemon: Red Frost By Vicktor Black
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