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 Fire Red Hack: Pokemon Epic Fire

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PostSubject: Fire Red Hack: Pokemon Epic Fire   Wed Nov 13, 2013 1:49 pm

Hack Name: Pokemon Epic Fire
Hack Of: Fire Red
Creator: Zoka

Hello Everyone im Zoka And This hack is for Strong Trainers And I Hope You Like It Smile.

1. Pokemon Stats Changed.
2. Pokemon Evolutions Changed.
3. Pokemon Movesets Changed. ( 200 pokemons )
4. Extra Items.
5. Two Rivals - Gary And May.
6. All 1 To 3 Gen Legendary Pokemons.
7. Wild Pokemons Changed.
8. New Events.
9. Race Mode.
10. All 1 To 3 Gen Starter catch By Events.
11. New Starters
12. Starting Money Changed
13. Team Rocket Is Back - Jessi And James.
14. Trainers,Gym Leaders And Elite 4 Pokemon Changed.
15. Stronger Trainers Gym leaders And Elite 4.
16. New Elite 4 Members.
17. Some New Gym Leaders From Hoenn.
18. 386 Pokemons.
19. Get National Dex At Start.
20. Gym Leaders Rematches.
21. In-Games Trade Changed.
22. Many More.

Zoka ( Me )
AaryanTheWarrior - Pokècommunity - Event editor,Pokemon Stats Editor, Pokemon Evolutions Editor, Mapper, etc.

Advance Map.
Advance Text.
Pokemon Editor Ultimate.
Trainer Editor.
Hex Editor.
Many More.



Beta 1 will be release Next Month.

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Fire Red Hack: Pokemon Epic Fire
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