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 Pokemon Maize ( Demo )

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PostSubject: Pokemon Maize ( Demo )   Fri Oct 04, 2013 4:02 pm

Pokémon Maize Version - Hack of Pokémon Red Version

Thanks for checking out my hack, Pokémon Maize Version! I've been working on Maize periodically for three years now, and I finally have a beta ready for public consumption. The beta goes through four Gym badges, and you can expect it to take a few hours to complete.

Notable Features
New Region
164 Total Pokémon
Steel and Dark Types
26 Future-Generation Attacks
Item Stone (Evolves Pokémon that need items to evolve)
Young from the indie game Anodyne
DV Checker
Super Fun

I decided to stick with a traditional Poké-storyline. An organization known as Team Quarry is excavating vast amounts of
materials from the ground in pursuit of building a mighty city to be the center of their empire (or something like that).
While wielding your trusty broom, you set out on an adventure to become a Pokémon master. Explore the region of Boldor,while you attempt to thwart Team Quarry and tolerate your ridiculous childhood acquaintance.


[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Release Info
The current release of Maize is playable through 4 badges, the last of which is in Pyrite City. Download Link Added With In 2Days..

Thanks For Reading
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Pokemon Maize ( Demo )
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